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Puppy Visits

Perfect Pet Care understands the importance of companionship and regular stimulation when it comes to keeping puppies happy and entertained. That is why we offer a range of puppy visit options. This service is suitable for puppies of all ages and can include: 

Feeding & clean water

Play time

Letting out for the toilet

Basic command training



Puppy Care prices are as follows*:


   Weekdays                                 Weekends

1x Half an Hour                                      £9                                            £13.50

1x One Hour                                       £12.50                                         £18.75


2x Half an Hour                                     £16                                             £22

1x Half an Hour                                      £18                                             £27

+ 1x Half an Hour Walk





*.These prices are for the central Harrogate area. For other areas please inquire for prices.



If you want to view our Terms and Conditions click the document below.

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