Handmade Toys

These handmade toys are great for dogs and cats alike!

There are a variety of colours you can choose from and 3 different toys are available. 

Long Tuggie Toy - £10

Size: Aprrox 40cm long

This is a great tuggie toy! The fabric is just the right amount of stretchy but is also fairly robust*.


* Higher chance of ripping/damage when playing with stronger dogs. General wear and tear will occur.

Short Toy - £7

Size: Aprrox. 20cm long.

This toy is great for teaching dogs to retrieve, scent work and playing fetch. Cats also love it too as it makes a great kicker toy!

Snuffle Ball - £6

Size: Small

This is great as an enrichment toy for dogs as you can hide food/treats within it! 

The best way to order toys is to contact me direcly so we can discuss your preferred colours. 

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