Home Care

Perfect Pet Care understands the importance of routine and familiarity when it comes to keeping animals happy. That is why we offer home care. This service is suitable for all domestic pets and includes: 

Feeding & clean water

Changing litter trays

Play time



Of course all pets needs are different and Perfect Pet Care tailors each service to the specific needs of the animal and will try to fulfill any special requirements you may have.



As with all the services this is flexible and can be either booked regularly or on an ad-hoc basis to suit your needs.



Prices for Home Care are as follows*:

Weekdays                                     Weekends


Half Hour Visits                                 £8                                                    £12


One Hour Visits                                £12                                                   £18


The length of home visits will vary depending on the needs of the pet.


*These prices are for the central Harrogate area. For other areas please inquire for prices.